chicken nuggets and applesauce

I went to make dinner tonight, all excited to eat and watch my TV show, and I thought out loud, “Lord, I’m so blessed! Thanks so much!” I was grateful for my chicken nuggets and my applesauce. Then I thought for a seconds, and wondered, “maybe I’m saying thank you for the wrong things.”

Food and entertainment are important, and I don’t like the saying of “there are better things to be thankful for.” I can be thankful for a lot of stuff. I like to eat, and watching TV and movies for me is very relaxing, so I truly happy for those.

But later tonight, I started thinking of other things that I’m grateful for as well. I thought to myself, “He can do a lot more than just help me make dinner. He helps me make really big changes in my life.”

The one that came to me first was, “thanks for being able to change people’s lives for good.” And I kind of connected a bit, for a second, of how that’s important, and that’s something He is grateful for as well, and that is one of his specialties — helping people out and teaching them to grow. It’s pretty cool stuff.

I was going to bed, and sat there under my cool Spider-man covers (I’m super grateful for those, too) just thinking, and again in my head I started trying to come up with some bigger things I’m thankful for as well. I had to think a bit harder than the ones I usually go off in my head for.

I’m grateful for the ability to learn things, to be able to make changes in my life (and in others’). I’m grateful that I have health — not so much that mine is great, but that our bodies can be healthy.

I had a couple of more on my list, but I can’t remember what they are now. I kind of got the idea that I should write this small blog post, though, so here I am.

I really am grateful for the small things (like my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle band-aids), but I tend to recognize those more. I kind of wonder what would happen as I appreciate the bigger things. I imagine what will happen is that I appreciate Heavenly Father more. 🙂 I’m cool with that, too.

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  1. Gregory Dibb

    I’m grateful for this blog post! 😉

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